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Immerse yourself in a 3D virtual space   - a space that allows for interaction and participation - to host events, conferences, shows...in a manner you haven't before.  

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Host a conference anywhere -  up on a mountain overlooking your favourite city or on an island!  With virtual sponsor booths, poster presentations, and unique social spaces, create an engaging experience for your attendees from around the world!

White label apps

 Use one of our spaces with customizations to suit your needs. Or take that extra step and have one built just for you.

About us

We’re a startup out of Singapore, looking to find a new mode of interaction at the intersection of technology and imagination.


A stage, a screen and an audience... 

A stage, a screen, an audience...

Host private viewings for a select few or host panel discussions and launches for larger audiences and spread the word.


Games, Contests, Competitions...

Games, Contests, Dances, Celebrations...

Host a spelling bee? A chess tournament? Or maybe a simple game of tag teleporting across islands in between meetings. Celebrate after with a dance party.


Imagined worlds.

Imagined worlds.

Islands in four seasons, floating cities, dreamy places... invite friends and colleagues to experience the magic.


Graduation, Orientation, Open Days...

Graduation, Orientation, Open Days on campus...

Keep the college spirit high by holding events on campus and providing students with a space to  socialize.


Art Shows, Private Screenings...

Art shows, Private Screenings, Festivals...

Use our Gallery Space to enable visitors to view artworks and experience being in the gallery.  They can walk up to the artists and talk with them too.  Also host exhibitions‚ talks‚ and film screenings!


Offices, Meeting Rooms, Booths,...

Offices, Meeting rooms, Booths...

Conduct team meetings, give presentations, deliver pitches.  

Use our office spaces and get serious work done. And when you take a break, catch up with colleagues by the water cooler.

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Immersive, interactive,  engaging and fun... Just the words you want attendees using to describe events you've organized. 

From avatars to teleports, find help on everything in Virtual Spaces here. 

Single Event

10 USD/user/day

Min. setup fee per event:

3000 USD

All fees billed in advance